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Most people have never heard of Bowen therapy, but Chelsea O’Neill is not most people. She is an intuitive, natural-born healing master, gifted not only in the art of Bowen but in numerous modalities, including massage therapy-RMT, craniosacral therapy, yoga, and Watsu, a form of aquatic shiatsu massage. Even that impressive blend of experience and expertise doesn’t begin to describe Chelsea’s proven wellness wizardry, her innate talent for freeing her clients from all forms of chronic pain, succeeding where other mainstream avenues have missed the mark. It’s a healing genius that improves our quality of life, potentially ending opiate dependency, an intangible something so unique as healing goes that once they’ve experienced the undeniable results, it has most people returning for more and referring their family and friends.

A Member Of:

Natural Health Practioners

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The Canadian Examining

Board of Health Care

Practitioners Inc.

Even as a child, Chelsea knew she had an innate, empathic predisposition for caregiving and counselling, an internal understanding of the healing energies around us, there to be harnessed and directed. In Chelsea’s words, “Through witnessing and experiencing life, I have found that no matter what religion you are or what you believe to be true, there is an undeniable life energy that permeates and connects us all.”

An adventurer in spirit, eager to explore the world, Chelsea became a kayak guide involved in adventure training after studying eco-tourism in college. Ultimately joining the Navy in her teens, she quickly became the unofficial therapist on board the ship, the soothing voice of reason everyone, even her senior officers, would eventually seek out for guidance. It was her beloved mother’s bravery and determination in the face of a fibromyalgia diagnosis, however, that catalyzed Chelsea’s foray into Reiki and craniosacral therapy. What opened up for her was an intriguing, innovative realm of nonmedical healing solutions.

“The sessions would give my mother the energy she lacked from her day-to-day life due to her condition. After the classes, I had a whole new energy of my own and a whole new awakening to the world of healing arts.” 

Reiki proved to be merely a starter, sparking Chelsea’s natural healing essence and whetting her appetite to learn more and more. She began her training in Bowen therapy after witnessing what she describes as a “miracle” happening before her eyes.

“I was at a health seminar with my uncle, who had had a frozen shoulder for the past three months. He had been through every conventional therapy with no relief. When the woman asked for volunteers to receive Bowen, he went up and, within ten minutes, my uncle could lift his arm over his head without any pain. That is when I decided to learn Bowen. 

“Since then, I have been practicing for almost twenty years, helping countless people remember how to heal their bodies. From back pain to hammertoes and bunions, migraine headaches, and scoliosis, Bowen even helps with infertility and conception issues as well as fibromyalgia. I am still amazed at the power of such a gentle, non-invasive therapy.”

Adding Bowen therapy to her restorative credentials, Chelsea knew she had discovered her niche. The effectiveness of this technique is proportionate to the practitioner’s ability to act as a healing instrument themselves, becoming a perfectly aligned energy conduit channeling their power, holding space for the relief of the pain. Chelsea has an outstanding aptitude in this regard, making her the much sought-after expert in her field that she is.

Craniosacral and massage therapy, yoga, and Watsu now form part of Chelsea’s own miracle-working repertoire of modalities as well. This incredibly complementary combination is gold for her grateful clients. Her comprehensive training has endowed her with a holistic, practical understanding of how to remedy your healthcare issues, yes, but, moreover, this is expertise organically infused with Chelsea’s own highly developed intuitive insights. She is guided by an intrinsic “knowing” of what you really need to be essentially pain-free, living the rewarding life you have always imagined and truly deserve. 

As Chelsea explains it, “All of these modalities have such a gentle ease to them. They weave together so beautifully to create the ideal essence of healing.” We invite you to join forces with this gifted professional in your journey to optimum balanced health. Together, you will find your answers. After all, the unassuming, essentially amazing Chelsea O’Neill is not so bad…As Healing Goes.


Previous careers include:

Military (Navy 20 years)

Kayak Guide/Adventure Training

Bowen/Bodywork Practioner since 2006

Watsu Practitioner since 2012

Hobbies include:


Sports – Soccer, Triathalon

Dance – Salsa and Ballroom

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