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Matthew McGregor
How To Get 60% Of People (or more!) Saying “YES!” To Your Programs, Products and Services
FREE MASTERCLASS: How To Get 60% Of People (or more!) Saying “YES!” To Your Programs, Products and Services
(And finally create the income & impact you deserve without sounding salesy!)
(And finally create the
income & impact you deserve
without sounding salesy!)
Matthew McGregor
Want to learn how Messengers are using Mobile Apps to grow their businesses?
Want to learn how Messengers are using Mobile Apps to grow their businesses?
Meet Matthew
Matthew McGregor is a master of business growth, international speaker, bestselling author, coach, trainer, and the founder / CEO of the Client Conversion Formula™. His company helps heart-centered entrepreneurs to spread their messages, sell their programs, products and services, and create successful businesses that change the world for the better.
With a variety of client success stories, Matthew has proven time and time again that his systems work to consistently get people saying “YES!” to your offer (No matter what you’re selling and no matter what industry you’re in). This ultimately gives Matthew & his clients total location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom to live life on their own terms.
Matthew McGregor
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★ Our Values ★
Our Top 7 Values:
  • Honesty: Our #1 priority - We are open & honest about absolutely everything; We have nothing to hide because we're only here to help you succeed. 
  • Service: We promise to deliver the BEST, most valuable, most up to date information we possibly can. Take advantage of any webinars, videos, free reports, etc. that we offer (They're meant to help you!)
  • Commitment: We want you to succeed; That's why we only share systems and strategies that ACTUALLY WORK.
  • Follow Through: If we say we're going to do something, we're going to do it - We genuinely care about each and every one of our clients.
  • Passion: This isn't just some money grab - Matthew is passionate about what he teaches and is excited to help other entrepreneurs achieve success in business.
  • Integrity: We will never push you to do/buy anything - In fact, we will teach YOU how to sell in a way that's both effective and feels authentic to the real you.
  • Communication: Need to ask a question? We're here for you 7 days per week. Just click that "Contact Us" button up top and we'll be in touch shortly!
We're here for you:
If you're a heart centered entrepreneur with a passion to change the world, or if if you're just here to learn how to sell your programs / products / serivces, I invite you to check out some of the stuff we have to offer.
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The Truth...
The Truth About Marketing In The 21 Century
(Only For entrepreneurs ready for a Quantum Leap in marketing and business!)
In order to effectively market your message & get new clients...
1) You MUST talk to people.
I see so many entrepreneurs who struggle in business because they're scared of picking up the phone and talking to a potential client. Or they're scared of going out and meeting people and having a real life conversation. Or maybe it's not that - Maybe they're scared of coming across "Too Salesy". Well, here's the thing: As long as you're capable of talking to people, keep on reading because I'm going to share with you exactly how you can create a $100,000 business - Just by having light, fun & easy conversations with people.
2) You MUST get crystal clear on the problem you are solving.
The audience NEEDS to know that YOU KNOW the problem they have - Education alone does not engage an audience! Discover the frustrations and challenges that your audience is experiencing and begin to build the foundation of your marketing around the outcomes of this research.
3) You MUST have a system to sell.
People are so naive in today's world; they try and start a business expecting to make 6 or even 7 figures without a proper system to sell. This is why I give my clients a step by step system that they can EASILY implement into their businesses, where they're able to get on the phone and start generating REAL income (within as little as 2 weeks).
4) You MUST have a well structured offer
Today’s audience is making their decision to buy from you based on #1) How compelling your offer is and #2) How much they like you and the program.
So in order to consistently close deals time and time again, your offer needs to be structured in a systematized way that maximizes conversions & gives you/your program that "Likability Factor"
5) You MUST continue to learn as much as you can
"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." - Brian Herbert
If you don't learn the skills necessary to succeed, you will remain stuck forever.

I'm committed to your success; The question is... Are you?
If you are, I invite you to check out our Free MasterClass (only available for a limited time) called "How To Get 60% Of People (or more!) Saying “YES!” To Your Programs, Products and Services"
Client Results
Get Real Results and Master The Skills That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level
Matthew McGregor
Are you tired of hearing from coaches and consultants who tell you how to run your business, even though they’ve never done it themselves?

Good. Me too. (Luckily that's not me.)

By implementing the exact same systems & structures that I use in THIS business, I have personally helped a variety of entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world to sell hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of their life changing programs, products and services. (Just by speaking with new clients face-to-face and on the phone.)

I provide my clients with the tools, strategies and distinctions they need in order to rapidly grow their business well into the 6 figure mark by learning how to communicate and sell directly to their ideal clients.

I have a passion for helping others progress to the next level in business and FINALLY realize their dreams. I'm known for my client results and (as always) I'm committed to your success.

If you'd like to see what my clients say about me, as well as the results they've all gotten in their own businesses, I invite you to click the button below:
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