Ignite Your Intuition

Ignite Your Intuition-Level 1

Level 1:  Ignition and Elevation through Intuition

5 part program- 1.5 hours/week for 4 weeks via live virtual platform PLUS one on one Akashic records reading

In this impactful 5 series program you will

  • Gain tools to manage your energy, protect yourself from negative harmful energy and shift energy
  • Practice and demonstrate clearing of your energy
  • Activate your awareness so you can choose how to feel and move through life
  • Connect with your angels and guides for clarity, direction and inspiration
  • Experience a 1 on 1 Akashic reading (souls book of life)
  • Practice energy channeling tools to harness more energy
  • Develop tools create meaning, flow, and abundance in your life
  • Connect and build a stronger relationship with your higher self
  • Uncover your intuitive communication style
  • Describe spiritual hijacking and why it is important to avoid

Our flexible online course will elevate your personal and professional life!  Jam packed with insights and new paradigms, this enlightenment program will change your trajectory and create flow, harmony and abundance of epic proportions… if you want it and are ready!

All sessions will be pre-recorded and shared
One on one readings are scheduled once registered.
Limit to 20 per class

Cost or time an issue?  Ask about our pre-recorded replay option

Special offer $555 regular $2222
A savings of $1667!

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Ignite Your Intuition Level 2-Soulcare Coaching Certificate

Level 2:  Lifting Others Through Intuition

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed Level 1 Call to Consciousness.
8 Part series-1.5 hours/week for 8 weeks
Part 2 will enable you to start reading and doing sessions for other people as well as strengthen your own personal connection with the Akasha and all the magic that is brings!

  • Acquire the tools to distribute and shift energy for others
  • Overview using cards, pendulum, ceremony, and clearing work
  • Develop your intuition to read for others
  • Practice utilizing akashic records for readings
  • Heighten your awareness so that you can distinguish between positive and negative energy and insights
  • Deepen your connection with the energetic world so that you can design and co-create your life

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