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Founder & CEO of Paula Hopwood Productions
Founder & CEO of the Speaker Success Formula
If you want to save precious time and get real clarity on how to direct your marketing and sales efforts, you need to work with Matthew McGregor.

Since consulting with Matthew, I can't even count how many hours I've saved in my marketing simply by have him as a resource. He's provided real, doable strategies on everything from webinars and online payment systems to social media and sales methods. Matthew GETS the big picture and knows all the systems that need to be in place to get you there.

His tailored advice has also helped me reassess my strategy for putting on workshops and events. (And - no surprise - I landed a deal for two workshops after using his tips to tweak my proposal!)

Matthew is truly masterful when it comes to marketing, tech and sales. If you're looking to scale, reach new audiences or get your business to the next level, you definitely want Matthew in your corner!

- Caitey Gilchrist
Founder & CEO of Caitey Gilchrist Creative
"Matthew has been THE BEST when it comes to all things funnels, marketing, websites, and so much more.
Because of him, I got my first webinar up and running, created my first programs, launched my app, and am finally starting my journey of changing the world for the better.

And the best thing: I don't even have to worry about technology because I know Matthew will take care of things for me.

I (literally) couldn't do this without you! Thank you Matthew!"

- Maureen French
Founder of Life Balance Counselling
I'm so excited to share that Matthew's systems and strategies for business success WORK. In fact, I just hosted a beta program (for free) with a couple of my friends and after Matthew helped me with the design and structure of this workshop, even though it was FREE... With MANY broke people in the room... I STILL sold $5000 worth of my transformational coaching services.

This was a huge shift for me because up until this point, I hadn't really sold ANY of my programs. This was a new identity for me: A Successful Business Owner. (There's a big difference between a "Business Owner" and a "Successful Business Owner")

So whether you've been stuck in business for a while, or you're just starting a new one - Definitely consider working with Matthew as he'll save you so much time, money and energy by helping you get the results you're looking for.

- Dani Lee Milne
Founder & CEO of Look Within to Begin Coaching
“When I first started working with Matthew, I was pleasantly surprised with how he really went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to working together (AND the results are incredible.)

By helping me create a system & process to sell my programs / products / services (effortlessly), my 14 seat workshop was completely SOLD OUT in the first 4 days of launching. (And since then we've sold out several more events)
Thanks again Matthew! You're amazing!”

- Paige Stevensen
Founder & CEO of The Intuitive Advisor
“Matthew has been (and still is) so incredibly helpful when it comes to growing my business and building a brand that truly impacts people for the better.
Originally I came to Matthew looking for help with a simple 1 page website - But it turned into so much more than that....

The systems and processes we’ve built together are beyond anything I could have came up with myself and I’m SO excited to start getting even more clients, making even more income, and ultimately changing the world by leveraging what Matthew has helped me create.

Thank you for everything Matthew! (Let’s Champion Up this world. 😆😉)”

- Adrian Starks
Founder of Champion Up®
“Here’s what I love about Matthew:
- He’s genuine
- He’s brilliant
- He works SO FAST (like - wow.)
- His systems and processes actually work (really well)
- He’s enjoyable to work with
- He always goes above and beyond the call of duty
- He really cares about me AND all his other clients (Almost like we’re family)

Matthew has helped me get all my systems together in order to fill a variety of events and workshops AND in the coming months, I’m actually hosting a Retreat (with a good friend of mine) and I’m more than confident that with Matthew’s help, once again, that retreat will be a huge success.

Essentially what I’m saying is that Matthew is the real deal if you want help to market or grow your business. His systems and processes WORK to generate REAL clients and get REAL results.

Thank you for everything Matthew 😉 I’m excited & so thankful to be on this journey with you. “

- Paula Hopwood
Founder of Paula Hopwood Productions
“After implementing everything Matthew teaches, I was able to close 2 $15,000 deals within the same day!
If you ever get a chance to work with Matthew, don’t think twice! His fee is essentially free because he’s going to make you so much more money than you ever would otherwise…
If he charged 3x as much as he does now, it would still be a bargain. I can’t recommend him enough!”

- Leesa Hubbard
Founder & CEO of Leesa Hubbard Consulting
“Every time I partner with Matthew, I either make a lot of money overtime, or I make a lot of money all at once.
(They key being – Matthew’s system makes you money)
Just recently we launched my Million Dollar Real-Estate Agent Academy, and WOW did that ever take off.
First time – Oversold out with 18 participants @ $497 (8 of which bought my $12,000 coaching package) for a grand total of $104,947 in 12 weeks. (Not bad)

Thanks again Matthew, and I look forward to working on our next project very soon.”

- Trevor M.
Founder & CEO of Coach With Trevor
“I’ve worked with a lot of different funnel experts, web designers, graphic artists, etc. And it’s literally been hell every single time… Except with Matthew.

What I love about Matthew is how easy he is to work with. This makes it REALLY EASY for me to focus my energy on creating a step by step plan for my business, rather than trying to figure it out all on my own.
I truly admire how committed to excellence Matthew is when it comes to serving his clients.

Thanks for everything Matthew :) Talk soon.”

- Andrew Rezmer
Founder & CEO of Conscious Living Network & Radio
“I've never really sold anyone over the phone before, so this was all very new to me...
So when I started to make $2,000 after $5,000 after $10,000 with almost no work involved, I couldn't believe my eyes.
I just love how simple and easy his system is - That's probably why it works so well! Thanks again Matthew! You're the best!"

- Karen M.
Founder & CEO of the Speaker Success Formula
Matthew McGregor
How To Get 60% Of People (or more!) Saying “YES!” To Your Programs, Products and Services
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(And finally create the
income & impact you deserve
without sounding salesy!)
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