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I felt so clear after my treatment, I had energy, but was very relaxed. Chelsea was very present with me. Thank you, I still feel great!

Shelley, 38

I could really sleep deeply at night and my night sweats started to decrease.

Elaine, 57

Such small moves made such a difference in my back pain and other aches and pains during pregnancy.

Kelly, 34 (7 months pregnant)

My body goes through a lot playing hockey. When I started using Bowen in my recovery time, my muscles started to feel much better; often the next morning.

Jim, 57

Bowen helps me go to the potty.

Laynee, 3

My body feels so relaxed, and I sleep better. I have a damaged facial nerve that creates spasms. The Bowen helped to lessen the effects of that. I have great energy for at least 2-3 days after, and my balance improves.

Elfreda, 83

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